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Sowing the seed

Sowing the seed

Brace yourselves…we are in the last week of Summer and oh what a summer it’s been!

With darker mornings the signs are there preparing us for the next season. Hopefully we can still enjoy this stunning weather into Autumn.

 As we enter March the temperatures are expected to cool off a little marking the time to preserve and store the last of the summer harvest from the vege garden and fruit trees. Save and store seed from favourite healthy edible plants to sow and enjoy again next year. Try this with tomatoes, capsicums, beans, pumpkins and Zucchinis

Autumn is the main season for planting trees and shrubs as the soils are still warm, and they can establish over the wet winter months to follow. It is also an excellent time for planting frost-hardy perennials and winter annuals and vegetables.

 What to plant - Edible garden

  • Sow seeds in trays, such as cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, pak choy and parsley.
  • Sow directly into the garden broad beans, peas, coriander, lettuce, parsnip, radish, rocket, spinach, pak choy, carrots, beetroot and silverbeet.
  • Add lots of organic matter like compost, manure, general fertiliser and/or blood and bone and work into the soil before planting seedlings.
  • Prune plums and peaches once harvest is complete.
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