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Share the LOVE

Share the LOVE

Sharing the LOVE this Valentines.

We love to share the love, but it doesn’t have to be your traditional cliché Valentines Day card and red rose. If you need some last-minute inspiration here are some tui + mo expressions of LOVE ideas to celebrate your special someone.

  1. Say I love you with flowers

Instead of buying a bunch of red roses that will dye in front of your eyes choose a living potted flower or plant, or maybe some herbs or a fruit tree. If you really want to gift cut flowers go for a walk and forage for wild goodness.

  1. Chocolate

What's not to love about the giving of chocolate on Valentines?  Go a step further and make dessert or a hot or cold choccy.

  1. Show some LOVE to a charity or person in need

Spread your love by donating an item of need to a foodbank or animal shelter.

  1. Share the love of words

My personal favourite gift is the gift of words. Write a love letter or handmade card. Kind loving words last a lifetime.

If you are not a writer, then quote some poetry or inspirational quotes.

  1. Tea Towel

A highly underestimated gift especially if it comes with a voucher to dry the dishes!

  1. Perfumed Candles

Choose a candle that has an exquisite fragrance.

  1. Time Out

Nothing says “Love you” better than the gift of time. Give your special person the day off everything and make them a cup of tea to go with their time out.

  1. Ditch the wrapping paper

Wrapping made of a love note, drawing, a homemade 'coupon' for your loved one would be wonderful ways to think outside the box.

  1. The recipe of LOVE

Gift a recipe book and make or bake one of the recipes. Run a bath, set the table with candles, and serve up your special meal or baking. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about the thought and sharing the moment together. Otherwise, you could just grab some fish and chips and head down to your local beach or park.

Happy Valentines


Helly & Ing Xx






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