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Free NZ Shipping on orders over $120
Low-Waste Shave Kit with Safety Razor stand

On the fence about a Safety Razor? Here's everything you need to know

Written by: Cali Woods

Plastic isn’t awesome. Neither is buying stuff over and over again. Both things are costly to our planet and our pockets, so say goodbye to plastic razors and hello to easy smooth shaves with our Safety Razors!

It’s estimated that over 2 billion plastic razors and plastic refill blades are thrown into landfill every year - yep more than 2 BILLION! That's a whole lot of plastic that is really avoidable just by making a small, easy change to your bathroom routine. Low waste living here we come!

We weren’t about to suggest you quit shaving altogether and go for the ‘oh natural’ look (though rock those beards and legs if that’s for you!). Instead, Caliwoods came up with low waste Safety Razors in Luxe CopperSlate Greyand Classic Silver. These eco chic designs will last you years when properly cared for.


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