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ON SUNDAYS-Sencha Green-20 serves

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Vitality. An earthy tea, antioxidant-rich and rejuvenating to the skin, digestive and nervous systems.

Loose leaf tea hand-blended in New Zealand from organic ingredients.


sencha green tea

contains caffeine


1 tsp per cup | 80°C | 2-3 mins

Perfect on its own. We like to enjoy Sencha green throughout the day to help with energy levels.


We believe in using plants to assist a healthy lifestyle, so we’ve outlined the benefits of the herbs used in this blend below. This is provided for informational purposes; please check with your medical advisor before using our teas to treat medical concerns.

Sencha is high in antioxidants and vitamin c which is essential for radiant and hydrated skin. Sencha also helps to boost your metabolism, give you energy, lower blood pressure, stimulate cognition and boost your immune system.


Loose leaf tea, hand-blended in New Zealand from imported organic ingredients.

Store in a cool, dry place.