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Free NZ Shipping on orders over $120
It's time for time to Fall back!

It's time for time to Fall back!


Sunday, 7 April 2024 the clocks turn backward 1 hour.

Now that Daylight saving has ended, unlock the secret to better sleep with our tea-refic tips to hack your body clock:

1. Sleep when you are sleepy, this way you will get more quality sleep rather than force yourself to sleep when you are not ready.

2. Give yourself enough time to sleep – Sleep scientist call this “sleep opportunity” Try to go to bed at least 8 hours before your need to wake up.

3. Don’t trick your body to adjust to daylight saving. Wake up at the same time you usually do, avoid that sleep in. The body takes 24 hours to reset to itself.

4. Get moving - Get the body moving, go for a walk in the fresh air.

5. Eat and hydrate – Eat well, try not to eat at least three hours before bed. Hydrate with plenty of water. FYI Beer & wine do not count as hydration 😉. Try a cup of caffiene free herbal tea (see our selection below)

6. Sleep hygiene – Have a positive sleep routine. Create a nice environment to wind down. Keep your bedroom tidy, dark and cool.

7. Take a bath – Or a sauna if you have access. Once you get into a cool bed your lowering body temperature will signal to your brain that its time to sleep. (A hot shower works too)

8. Electronics – Abstain from stimulating electronics two hours before bed, especially anything with blue light. Charge your phone in another room.

9. Switch off – For at least one hour before bed avoid doing anything that might stimulate any stress such as reading a work e-mail, doing any finances or any social media that might make you worry.

10. Don’t obsess over sleep. If you have an alarm clock turn the numbers away, clock watching makes it harder to sleep.

We love nothing more than a good cuppa before bed, check out our favs below:

Sweet Dreams!


Helly & Ing Xx


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