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Happy in your skin

Happy in your skin


Traditionally, faces get all the hydration and moisturising attention, leaving our neck and décolletage to weather the harsh summer elements without much relief.

But did you know …

That the skin on our décolletage is so delicate, it's one of the first places to show ageing from sun damage.

So where is your décolletage?

It’s the area of skin that goes from the base of the neck to the bust. If you're anything like me, it's that area that gets sunburnt every time you step out in a v-neck tee.

Décolletage skin is more delicate than most of the skin on our face. So, here are three quick tips for protecting that sensitive area.

Tip One: Prevent sun damage

The more sun exposure you have, the earlier your skin starts to age. Skin can become thicker and leathery, or thinner like tissue paper.

So, protect your skin. Whenever you put sunscreen on your face, remember to take it down your neck and on to your chest. I like the family sunscreen care from Oasis

This summer, be sun smart with all your body, and protect your neck and décolletage.

Tip Two: Nourish your skin

My favourite oil for nourishing skin is luscious organic camellia oil. It has been used to nourish skin for thousands of years in Asia. It's a beauty secret that's never gone out of style.

With a silky texture, camellia oil replenishes and moisturises skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and simply glowing - all without any greasy residue.

Organic camellia oil is the star ingredient in our Fine Fragrance Body Balms. These little beauties are bliss for body and mind.

Tip three: Gently massage your body

When you’re nourishing your skin with camellia oil, take time for a relaxing self-massage. The neck and décolletage are an easy place to massage. Here's a video that takes you through the massage method.

Add a gentle massage to your bedtime routine, and your skin will love you for it.

If you don’t have an Everkind fine fragrance balm yet, check out the range. You won't be disappointed.

- Summer is scented with freedom, combining notes of wildflower fields, petals drifting through the long grass, and the feeling of running free.

- Winter is scented with tranquillity, combining notes of billowing cottage roses, creamy clouds of sandalwood, and soothing restoration.

- Autumn is scented with happiness, combining notes of citrus grove, woodsy wild, and joyous adventure.

Choose your scent and treat your body. Your future self will thank you for it!

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